Monday, October 03, 2011

Third Quarter Follies

I finished tallying up the third quarter 2011.

The six weeks of web site down time really took its toll. The quarterly income fell to $632. Ouch.

The big question is if the down time cost me back links and customers.

My traffic report page shows the total hits in the directory structure per day in two week intrevals. My goal has been to get that figure up to 10K per day.

I wish I had a way to match this chart to technical difficulties.

Historically, the site has always suffered a techinical breakdown or slow downs when it crossed 4K users a day mark. Discount web hosts often have a throttle on the site that kicks in when traffic picks up.

I had hoped that the extra $40 a month would help me increase traffic to the point the project was economically viable. Moving from a shared hosting account to a cloud account raised my hosting costs from $30 per quarter to $150 per quarter. My ISP costs are $120 per quarter. The whole thing really is a bust.

If the site was economically viable, I could add features!

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