Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Domain Auctions

Hi all. I am auctioning two domains on GoDaddy. The auction will end early next week. The domains are LinksAlive.com and BaitShop.us.

When I started developing web sites, I did so with the idea that domain names held some value. But it is foolish to think something has value until you prove that you can sell it.

I began researching the game of domaining. The term domaining refers to the business of buying and selling domain names.

Domain names are not a liquid asset. Yes, people who really want a particular domain name might pay big dollars for the name, but for the most part, selling a domain is a long and tedious process. It takes from months to years to find a buyer for a domain. Most domains sell in the $30 region.

When investigating a new market, I find it best to buy an item before trying to sell one.

Last year, I realized that I had never actually bought or sold any domain names in the domain aftermarket.; So, I visited Bido and followed the auctions for several days. I bid on the domain BaitShop.US because I thought it was a good general name that would be easy to resell.

The domain LinksAlive.com was given to me a few years back after a conversation I had about the importance of link development. I used it for a general directory; So I decided to sell it.

My two auctions will end next week on April 15 and April 16.