Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Salt Lake Startup Weekend

I was getting prepared for the Salt Lake Startup Weekend scheduled for tomorrow. I logged on to check the address for the event. To my dismay, the program was moved back a week to avoid conflicts with Labor Day Weekend.

Scheduling startup weekend for the Labor Day Weekend was not the best move. People who are working on start ups often have to give up holidays. Giving up Labor Day didn't register as a concern for me, but it may have reduced participation.

Delaying the event might prove to my advantage.

I plan on giving a pitch related to the recreation industry.

The pitch is the type of thing that might appeal to students. So, I am really happy about the change in venue from an office downtown to the Junior Achievement section of Discovery Gateway. If you are young and want to make a little money in recreation, I have a great opportunity.

So, the more I think about it, I am happy with the change in time and location of the event.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Denver Color Crosses Million Hit Mile Marker

My directory for the Mile High City (Denver Color)  just crossed the million mark. The directory has 4300 active links. I've deleted 1380 broken links through the years.

Sadly, a million hits doesn't mean much in Internet speak. My ad revenue has fallen to about four dollars for every hundred thousand page views. Fortunately, the most popular page on the site is the shopping directory which is the one page that has the most potential.

To celebrate crossing the million hit mark, I created a page about the the founding of Denver. My original hope was to add a large number of pages about local history, but without an adequate funding source, I've been unable to accomplish that task.