Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Community Color Redesign

PHP7 was released last week.

I am doing a huge redesign of the Community Color sites. I am writing and testing the code on the domain yintercept.com .

I know this sounds pathetic, but I stopped programming a few years back because my coding style is considered an "antipattern" by the technorati. The word "antipattern" is the way that thugs in the programming world put people down.

I finally decided that it is stupid let oneself be cowed by a bunch of thugs.

So, I decided to call my coding style The Resource Model of Web Design.  I just opened a Disqus Thread and invite people who enjoy code or have comments on design to drop a line. The site uses PHP7, SQLite3, HTML, CSS and SVG.

Note, I am blocking in the structure for yintercept.com in HTML. I will add the PHP script after I've tested it line by line with PHP7.