Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Five Million Hits

According to my handy little hit counter, the directory page of the Community Color family of directories is just about to trip 5 million page views. The most popular sites are, which had 2M hits, Provo Utah dot US, which is up around 500k, followed by Denver Color and which have 300k hits.

NOTE: The hit counter is low. For example, the counter is attached to the page; so, when I delete a page, the hits go away. The counter only counts hits on the dir.html page. The calendars, review pages and photo directory get tons of hits.

There are currently 18109 web sites listed in the directory. That is an average of 276 hits per listing. I've placed a number of test links in the directory. Sites in the directory get about 100 hits a year. This depends upon their location in the directory.

Note, I've deleted over 4477 of the entries as web sites go dark. About 20% of the sites added to the directory have gone dark. The turnover of web sites is higher than I had expected.

Ad revenue is currently at the point where I would need 5 million hits a year to provide one minimum wage salary for the year.