Saturday, October 29, 2011



It's been awhile since I've uploaded any images.

I've been fretting about the mess that our government and big insurance has made of health care that I just didn't feel like taking pictures.

Anyway, I've been thinking about throwing down my own money and hosting an event on free market health care and started looking for a venue for the event.

While looking for event space, it dawned on me how most of the prime venues for public events are directly owned by the government, or operated by private firms in direct connection with the government.

All of the events I've attended of late have been at government owned facilities including The Salt Palce, South Towne, The U, SLCC, the library, Gallivan Center, the Capitol Grounds, public parks, public schools, or the Fairground.

LPAC was the only public event I've attended in the last several years that took place at a privately owned facility.

That was in Reno.

Noah's is a privately owned event facility. They have locations in Lindon, Utah; South Jordan, Utah; Chandler, Az; and Westminster, Colorado.

So, I decided to drive out to the South Jordan facility and take some pictures.

The facilities appear to be geared toward receptions and corporate parties. The manager indicated that most of the events are private celebrations.

They would not be suited for the educational events I wanted to host.

However, I decided to include them in the venue section of the Community Color calendars: Salt Lake, Lindon, Chandler, Az and Westminster, Co.

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