Friday, October 14, 2011

Reworked Stats Pages

Back when I was on a shared hosting account, the Community Color sites would suffer slow downs when traffic started building up. So, I disabled the links report on the statistics page.

I am now on a cloud account where I pay for a block of CPU usage. So, I decided to try turning the stats page back on.

Each directory in Community Color has a stats page. Here's the page for (which displays odds and ends). The first table shows hits by category. Clicking on the category shows the history of the page.

The summary section at the bottom provides information on the internal pages. It includes information on deleted links. There are 2551 active links in the directory. I've deleted some 1270 broken links.

The traffic report shows hits per day. seems to get about 300 hits a day. The Global Traffic reports shows the whole directory tree gets about 3,800 hits a day. It fell about 400 hits a day during the server outages last month.

To be economically viable, I would need to get the site up to about 50,000 page views a day. I don't see that happening soon.

The Global Stats page shows total stats by community. is the third most visited directory in the collection.

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