Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Protophoto Blog

There is a small number of nice photos in the web site. The goal of ProtoPhoto was simply to create a browsable structure of photos of town. I was concentrating on showing what a town looked like ... opposed to the idea of showing what a deep and artistic person I am.

I decided to add a blog to the site. The blog would show pictures which I like. The goal is to show one photo a day. This way the site will have regularly changing quality content.

The photos will drive traffic into the Community Color directories. For that matter, it turns out that most of the traffic in the Community Color family of sites comes from the photo site.

The first picture is of the columbine pictured to the right.

Monday, June 08, 2009

My Account Update

I've updated the "My Account" page on the Community Color web sites. There is a myAccount.html page on each of the community directories, e.g. The page is the same for all of the communities as the community sites are really nothing more than different entry points into the same program.

The my account page now lists all of the user's links on the many account page. I've also added some advanced features for super users.

I removed a few broken links from the myAccount page.

I apologize for leaving the broken links up for so long.