Saturday, February 09, 2013

Open to Sharing on Tumblr

I've been playing with the photo sharing site Tumblr. I decide to open the pictures on ProtoPhoto to sharing.

Here is how the sharing works. There is a "share" option on each photo. The first box lets you group a small thumbnail URL for the picture.

The second box lets you share on Tumblr. If a photo has already been shared on Tumblr, the page shows a link to the Tumblr post. Click on that link and you can reblog the post.

If it hasn't been shared on tumbr, there is a share button. Press that button. The link will open a new window for a tumblr page. Enter your blog post. When complete, you can go back to the getCode page and enter the URL for your Tumblr post.

This page is open to the public ... and I aggressively delete spam. I will remove this option when I get too much spam (sorry, I've had to remove most of the interactive features from my sites due to spam).

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Google Maps V3

I am busily changing links from to I learned the hard way that you should never let someone else choose the name for your company.

Google had deprecated the maps API I was using; so I couldn't just move the maps page and had to create a new version of the maps for the venues page. The version 3 maps look much better than version 1.

Truthfully, I wish I could just find a place to buy map tiles to create my own map; rather than creating a dependency on a third party.

On the tumblr front, since I am created galleries of Utah and Arizona, I decided to expand and created even more sites:

Friday, February 01, 2013

Moving to Internet Rivers

I confess. I never was fond of the domain name "" The name was chosen for me.

The business plan I wanted to execute was to build Community centered sites. These sites would feed a larger site that had a general purpose theme. I wanted to concentrate on the community sites. The person who was working on the commercial site chose the name.

The goal of my project is to explore the ways in which different communities are connect. After my initial partnership broke up, I bought the domain name I like to call the domain Internet Rivers.

I love the name because we are all connected by rivers.

I am currently in the process of moving all the content from to I will hold a Bido auction for the name There are thousands of links to this site and it currently gets several thousand hits a day. I hope it sells.