Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Moved to a New Domain

Community Color has changed web hosts. It is now hosted at WestHost.com located in Logan (West Host Ad).

My initial thoughts on this project was to pound out a prototype site in PHP to test the market. If the market proved fertile, I would rewrite in Java Servlets and host the site on dedicated servers. I have yet to find that lucrative market that can fund the site. However, with new high quality shared hosting facilities like WestHost in place, I feel confident that a shared faciliate could handle the site for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, during this move, there are a substantial number of broken links. That is the fault of me, the owner. I decided to rewrite the project using an OO design, and failed to give myself sufficient time to develop and test the new code. (My fear of having untested code on the server is greater than my fear of broken links.)

I apologize for all of the inconveniences related to this move. Of course, when you don't have any resources, you just muddle through.