Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Twitter Users

NOTE to Twitter users: If you would like a link in the Community Color directories, but don't want the hassle of joining the site, simply follow either of the accounts CommunityColor or yintercept. If there is a relevant website in your profile, I will follow it.

As for the accounts: CommunityColor has updates to the CommunityColor program. yintercept is filled with philosophical musings and Libertarian style rants about national and international politics.

I am only interested in listing local sites:

The goal of Community Color directories is to help promote local web development. These directories are interested in sites from the Mountain West (Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Missoula, Mt)

When a person joins me, I look at their location. If they are from one of the communities served, I then add the link in their profile. I also add links from any of the sites recent posts ... if they are of interest to the community.

Note: I also follow my Twitter DMs. So you can DM me a link. If it is related to the communities served, I will list the site.

If you want a link in the directory, but don't want the hassles of joining the site, just follow me ... yintercept.