Sunday, April 19, 2009

Deleting Photos

I finally got around to adding a "delete" button to the photo gallery on Many of the photos were taken with a circa 1999 camera that had a maximum display size of 640px. I decided to move up to a standard picture size of 1024px for all new photos.

The delete button will help me clean up lower resolution photos and those with broken links.

My goal is to replace all of the photos that are easy to replace. My first camera had a maximum display size of 300MB. With my second camera, I was taking pictures at a 2MB size. Now, I am up to 6MB size.

I've been thinking about adding a new site where I sell the 6MB pictures as Stock Photography. I am still looking into all the legal ramifications of stock.

I had hesitated to create a delete button in the past because the pages were indexed in Google. To reduce problems with broken links in search engines, the delete button simply replaces the photo page with a URL forward command and marks the picture file for deletion at a later date.

Monday, April 06, 2009

New Index Page

One problem with the current design of the community color directories is that they concentrate the traffic in the top tiers of the directoris. So, you will see more traffic on the music page than the bands page.

For this reason. I decided to experiment with a new index page that diverts more traffic to the third tiered categories in the directories. So the index page for missoula now lists randomly selected categories, while the dir.html page still just shows the top level of the directory.

The other advantage of this design is that it will allow me to develop the sites as something other than just a directory.

So far I've changed Missoula, provo and Denver.