Monday, February 13, 2012

Domain Speculation

I've been really sad of late about the large number of small businesses web sites which have failed in the last few years.

Small business is about building equity. I had assumed that businesses will building equity in their web site. But, since I had contempt for the domain speculation process, I never investigated to see if this concept was true.

Anyway, I've been exploring the concept of buying and selling domains.

Last week, I successfully sold the domain through the auction service. I moved the contents of the domain to the subdomain

Being a silly person, I decided to buy a domain. This way I would experience both sides of the auction process.

Anyway, I decided that I would buy a domain. I searched through several hundred domain names that were on sale and bought the domain BaitShop.US.

I chose this domain because I have affiliate relations with some wonderful small angling web sites. So, I put up a one page affiliate web site.  I plan on waiting a year, then putting the auction up for sale again.

Anyway, I am finding this game of buying a web site with the purpose of reselling it at a later date to be quite informative. There is a very interesting rhythm to the auction and domain transfer process.

Although I have no intention of going into domaining as a profession, I think it valuable for people interested in web development to engage in the process simply to investigate if the concept of building equity in a web site holds true.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Political Links

The goal of Community Color is to promote local web development. The political sector is currently the most robust area of development. I am concentrating on developing directories for Utah, Colorado and Arizona.

The problem is that the campaign cycle is so short that I often miss important political campaign web sites.

This might include the most important web site or all. Your Web Site! or your favorite candidate's web site.

This is not because I dislike you or your candidate. It is because I don't know the name of their site.

If you know of a web site for a political campaign in Utah, Colorado or Arizona, please use the contact form to tell me about the campaign. You can also tell me about campaign web site in a response to this message.

I will list any local campaign site I find free of charge, provided the site is about a campaign in a community served (Arizona, Colorado, Utah)

Feel free to tell me about your blog as well. The best way to add a blog is to register and use the addLink program. I am happy to list content sites such as blogs free of charge.


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