Thursday, November 22, 2018

Milieu Control

The term "Milieu Control" refers to the practice of controlling people by controlling the sources that they can read. In the video Thinker of Thoughts talks about how Scientology used milieu control to manipulate its adherents.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Lets Encrypt

Industry pundits advocate use of encryption. Unfortunately the certificates broke the budget of most web sites. I attempted to maintain SSL certificates, however they actually cost more than the revenue I received from advertising.

It also takes a huge amount of time to update certificates.


I used the instructions on Digital Ocean to load a program called certbot. I then installed certificates on,, and I also installed an SSL certificate on my blog site.

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Business Problems Require Business Solutions

The world's population is 7.4 billion people.

Feeding, housing and providing health care for these people is a business problem. Business problems need business solutions.

Big government, big social media, nor big business can solve these problems.

To solve the world's problems we need to develop businesses that work at a human level.

I have thrown decades into developing strategies that can develop the small businesses that could play a positive role in helping people with their day to day lives.

Anyway, last year I developed a new business model that could help a large number of people earn some extra money by doing real stuff in the real world.

I joined the SteemIt platform because I thought it might be a jumping board into new business opportunities.

Unfortunately, these new social media systems aren't sending people in a positive direction.

Anyway, the point of this message is to see if there is anyone out there interested in finding ways to make money doing interesting things.

If there are; then I would go into details of the business.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Your Personal Web Site Should be the Center of Your Online Life

I've been playing on the site The site is interesting in that it has a built in mechanism for rewarding users of the site. I've made $14.00 on the site so far.

This is more than I've made on Twitter or Tumblr.

Of course the price of STEEM is dropping; so my $14 might just go up in a puff of steam.

I decided to put my guide on my personal web site because I believe that people should make their personal web site the center of their online life and not a social media site.

Here is the announcement for the guide.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

A Partisan Press is a Danger to Democracy

The American Press has become increasingly partisan through the years.

In a partisan press, reporters pass each of their stories through a partisan filter.

Reporters on both the left and right have partisan filters. The partisan filters of the groups we oppose tend to shine brighter in our minds than the partisan filters of the groups we support.

A large portion of the main stream media is engaged in partisan reporting against Donald Trump. Trump is in the right to call out the partisan reporting. Trump has actually done a decent job of calling out the partisan reporting without crossing the lines of censorship.

Notably, just after the election reporters claimed that Trump won because of "fake news." Trump focused this claim back onto the press as it turns out that partisans of all ilk are prone to producing questionable if not straight out fake news.

As I write this, the main stream media is engaged in a co-ordinated assault claiming that Trump's calling out partisans is akin to censorship.

No, calling out partisans is not censorship.

Politicians calling out partisan bias in the media is not censorship. Calling out biases is necessary and natural part of a free press.

Interestingly, the press is doing this in the very week that Alex Jones was kicked off Youtube and other social media sites. Kicking people off supposedly open platforms is censorship.

The International Left appears to be engaged in an increasing amount of censorship.

I suspect that the Mainstream Media will end up shooting itself in the foot with its co-ordinated attack on Trump. The very fact that members of the MSM got together to co-ordinate an attack against a partisan foe re-enforces the claim that the press is partisan.

A partisan press is dangerous. Calling out the partisan press is a just action.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

A podcast and steem

I decided to start blogging again. I just started a podcast using podbean and a Steem It account.

I am eager to see how the Steem payment system works. So, I decided to accept Steem payments for advertisements on community color. I currently charge $25 for 100,000. My traffic is primarily from the Mountain West (Az, Co, and Ut)

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Dichotomous Thinking Rips Communities Apart

A Youtuber using the name "FlackerMan" put up an interesting video about foundational dichotomies in Mormonism.

The video was designed to draw people into the question of whether the "Book of Mormon" is true or false. Here it is:

Mormonism is not the first thought system to use dichotomies to gain power power.

People have used dichotomies to divide and conquering since antiquity.

When one comes across a really intense dichotomy, one needs to step back and look at the effects that the dichotomy has on society at large.

As a non-Mormon living in Utah, I simply see that Mormons have succeeded in creating an extremely mean and divisive society.