Sunday, July 15, 2012

Casual Exercise

Americans don't get enough exercise. When we do exercise, we have completely over the top expectations of our actions.

All of the popular team sports were designed to over-emphasize competition. The field of individual sports is dominated by absurdly long endurance sports like Iron Man Triathlons, multiday relays, etc..

The non-profit community hosts wonderful fundraising events that draw thousands of people once a year for a fun run in the park. But a 5K walk once a year is not enough.

There is an massive market in the United States at the moment for a new casual sport that takes place on a regular basis that helps keep people fit.

Imagine yourself starting a business where you met with fun people once a week, to engage in a physical activity. The cost of the sport was modest, and there was a money making component built into the sport so people needing a little extra cash could make a little extra cash?

Owning a reaction business opens up the opportunity to travel. If you owned a for profit "sports team" you can deduct travel expenses when you go to play games at the destination of your choice.

Anyway, if a group of people got together and did ___________ they just might be able to crack the lucrative recreation sports market.

I emphasize the cost of starting a ____________ sports team is negligible. The first people who are brave and respond might make some big bucks for taking a change.

If you contact me (giving me your location, name an phone number) I will give you info about the sport.

NOTE: I live in Utah. I will be traveling to Spokane in early August.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

We Need A Business Revolution

I read a blog post from a Ron Paul Supporter who appeared to be disheartened.

I confess. Although my sympathies lie with the free market message of Ron Paul, I was not an active voice for the candidate during his run for the presidency.

The reason is that I did not support Paul was because I realized that we cannot restore America through politics.

The American experiment was one with a limited government and unlimited people.

Sadly, our educational establishment fails to give students the tools they need to achieve their potential as a free people. Modern education teaches people they are entitled slaves and not free people.

To restore America, we need a business movement that helps people rediscover their potential as a free people.

The easiest way to accomplish this goal is in recreation.

Currently, the world of sports and recreation is dominated by the state or crony capitalists.
Look at high school sports and the NCAA: Most of the teams are owned by state entities and play in government owned arenas.

In professional sports, we see that most professional teams have exclusive contracts with local governments. They play in coliseums arenas which receive varying degrees of state funding.

State run sports is both static and exclusive.

Everyone needs to engage in exercise and recreation.

If we wish to fight the leviathan, the area of sports and recreation is prime playing field.

People who are disillusioned with politics could take to the playing field and excel.

Step back a moment and imagine yourself as the coach or owner of a professional sports team that you ran a couple weekends a year?

Would you enjoy owning a professional sports team?

Would you enjoy traveling to towns (of your choice) to meet and play with other people?

Would you enjoy having the name "Founding Member of ________" written after your name?

Would you like to engage in an activity that is all but guaranteed to feed ten of thousands of hits to your web site or blog?

Would you like to make a YouTube video that received hundreds of thousand of free links?

Would you like to engage in an activity that will put your name in the local newspaper or that will raise funds for the causes you find important?

Would you like to engage in an activity that raises awareness of the values of the free market and a free society?

Would you like to play a founding role in a company that requires little capital but has an unlimited potential?

Would you like to tell your grand children that you made a difference?

Anyway, I will free franchise to the first people contact me . Please give me your phone number and tell me where you are. I will contact you with more information on this chance of a lifetime.

I happen to live in Utah (I am not LDS). I will be traveling to Washington State in August.

NOTE: The sport is actually a game in which we create a social networking market. The game is physical discussion about the way markets work. The game involves simple physical activity and relay races.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Index of Indices

Dang. Revenue for Q2 was even worse than Q1. This was due largely to several advertisers going bankrupt. I am now in a desperate search for new advertisers.

I want to increase the exposure to the events in the calendar. I added a column to the master index that shows community events. The page Recreation Index is an index to the directory page titled "Recreation." It shows both the links and events on that page.

If I make a big effort to be consistent in categorizing the events, this feature will become useful for it will show the total number of links and events by state.

Unfortunately, I have some systematic inconsistencies. Specifically, when a directory becomes large, I start splitting it into subdirectories. If there's only one running club in town, I list the club in Recreation. If there are several, I create a subdirectory called Running. The result is that I list the Grand Juinction Rim Marathon in the "recreation" category and the Salt Lake Marathon in the "running" category. This means the master index fails to provide a comprehensive list of running events in a state.

As I play with the new program, I figure out a way to overcome that problem.

To get my revenue numbers back in the black, I probably need to show more shopping events and auctions..