Saturday, January 29, 2011

YouTube Index

I am only getting scraps of time to work on the Community Color sites.

My new Android Phone will play videos directly. The URL for my test video showing the start of the Salt Lake Marathon is

When I click the URL in a regular browser, the browser displays a web page with the video. When I click it on my phone, the phone starts playing the video. Google is magic!

So, for the mobile version of CommunityColor, I realized I could just grab the video URLs that I've embedded in the main site and quickly create a fun little index of community videos.

To see project: Go to This page shows a summary of videos by town. Click a town name and see locally produced videos on YouTube.

NOTE: I had a number of campaign videos. I decided not to include them because the election is over ... however, I will add future campaign videos to this list.

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