Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mobile Pages

Wow, it takes a lot of work to make little pages.

I am busily working away on the mobile version of Community Color.

I decided I needed to add some "content pages" to feed the web bots from the search engines. My idea of content super simply pages that introduced the community.

Here is a sample page for Colorado National Monument ... which will celebrate its centennial this year.

To help the search engines find the mobi sites, I am daisy chaining the content site.

I wrote a half dozen content pages and decided to tweet about them using the URL shortener ... and realized I made a grave mistake.

My new URL shortener has slots for the HTML and MOBI version of a page ... but I had one HTML page and six MOBI pages I wanted to tweet about.

I could have made a short URL for each of the new sites. I would then issue six tweets for each of the pages.

I decides that was too spammy. So, I redesigned to allow for up to 100 URLS.

This short URL for this project is The short URL has links back to this blog post and the seven about pages I created.

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