Friday, January 21, 2011


A MOBI page is a page optimized for mobile phones. Since the pages will be displayed on tiny screens, the pages need to present tightly summarized information and they need to emphasize the navigational elements of the page.

It is wise to have links back to the main HTML site just in case a person with a real web browser stumbles onto a mobi page and wants to access the web optimized page.

This combination of summarized content and robust linking structure means that MOBI development offers a great opportunity for Search Engine Optimization.

From the SEO perspective, a mobile page is a small page filled with keywords and links back to the main site. It's a cheap way of building inbound links.

Best of all, building a mobile site is white hat seo marketing. The mobi developer isn't just creating pages for keywords. The mobi developer is creating pages to fit the unique needs of the smart phone market.

I started this MOBI project after using on a smartphone. I found jumping from twitter to my blog was a bad user experience.

The Mobile Link allows me to put a mobile optimized page between twitter and my content. Using as the URL shortener will give smartphone users a chance to go to the mobi optimized page or to the full blown version.

There is one big hassle involved in this project. Because I now need to create two pages for each content page, I am forced to do a little dance where I jump between screens creating content on two web sites.

Here's the Mobi summary of this page. When that is done, I need to create the page. This is a difficult dance as I do not know the URLs until after I save the pages.

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