Thursday, January 20, 2011

mlnk program

I am happy to announce a new domain in the Community Color family. I bought the domain for use as a URL shortener.

I intend to create a URL shortener with a twist.

As mentioned in previous posts, I bought a smartphone and started working on a mobile version of Community Color. I intend to create mobile versions of other sites.

The mobile versions will mirror the full HTML versions of the sites.

When I add content to a site, it will show up on both an HTML page and a mobile page!

The typical URL shortener redirects a user to a destination web page. The URL shortener will present a MOBI optimized page with links to both the HTML and Mobile page.

This design will make web browsing more pleasant for people twittering away their day on a smartphone (or people twittering in a small window).

Step one was to buy the domain. Step two is to design the site. Speaking of design, I decided to give my mobile pages a different background.

PS, I wrote this post before writing the program, so that I will have something to link to.

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