Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Removed Last Interactive Feature

The Community Color sites used to have several interactive features such as a forum interactive maps, ratings buttons, etc.

Every interactive feature became a target of spammers or by really nasty people who swore a lot and said terrible things about others.

So, I systematically turned off each interactive feature of the sites.

I had left the rating button on the site to test different ways of filtering out the spam. In truth, I really didn't want to have a 100% capitulation to spammers.

Keeping the rate button also reminded me that it is impossible to have an interative feature on a site without getting overloaded by disinformation and spam.

Anyway, I finally decided that it is not worth it, and am sad to announce that I turned off the last interactive feature on the sites.

Often I wish I could have a forum or an interactive feature. I can't think of any that would not automatically be abused.

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