Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Colorado Giving Day

Readers of my blog have probably figured out that I am not keen on big government, or big business. I prefer small limited government and small business where people matter to big biz.

Likewise, I am not all that  keen on big religion that seeks power and prefer to small charity to big charity.

If you've been anywhere near a Colorado based web site or media, you know that today is Colorado Giving Day. This is a day when secular charities in Colorado aggressively market their products.

I've been going through givingfirst.org to make sure the charities are listed in the Colorado Color collection of web sites. GivingFirst does not make link harvesting easy. I have to go to the individual charity pages and click on the link.

What is really cool, is that they list the financials for the charities. The financials of these charities are better than most of the "for-profit" businesses I've worked for.

Most of the sites are excessively slick and slap the visitor silly with "Colorado Giving Day" ads.

It is frightening how aggressive charities are when it comes to begging for cash.

Any, half way through the link harvest, I am starting to have a severe allergic reaction to big charity.

I hate the name "giving first." The idea is that is that you should give to charity bedore you consider yourself or your family. If we had smaller business, smaller government and smaller charity, there would be less need in our society.

The fact that Giving First only lists secular charities also irks me. Secular charity is only a tiny segment of the giving community.

I like my Community Color directories. The goal of this project is to list the web sites from all segments of the society. It has the secular charities, churches, local blogs, merchants, affiliate sites. I think I am doing a better job showing the diversity of American communities.

Perhaps I am guilty of putting business first ... but, without businesses that actually produce for society, there wouldn't be any wealth in our society for secular charities to covet.

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