Saturday, February 09, 2013

Open to Sharing on Tumblr

I've been playing with the photo sharing site Tumblr. I decide to open the pictures on ProtoPhoto to sharing.

Here is how the sharing works. There is a "share" option on each photo. The first box lets you group a small thumbnail URL for the picture.

The second box lets you share on Tumblr. If a photo has already been shared on Tumblr, the page shows a link to the Tumblr post. Click on that link and you can reblog the post.

If it hasn't been shared on tumbr, there is a share button. Press that button. The link will open a new window for a tumblr page. Enter your blog post. When complete, you can go back to the getCode page and enter the URL for your Tumblr post.

This page is open to the public ... and I aggressively delete spam. I will remove this option when I get too much spam (sorry, I've had to remove most of the interactive features from my sites due to spam).

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