Monday, June 11, 2012

Link Ratings

The Community Color sites have an unfortunate history of being attacked by spammers.

The sites featured a link rating and comment section that was being hit hard by spammers. As I was working on a different project. I turned the feature off.

The spam bots finally subsided, and I decided to add the rating buttons back on the site. This time, the site only accepts ratings from registered users.

I found it impossible to separate the spam from the info; so I deleted all of the ratings and comments from anonymous sources.

There is now a rate button next to each link in the directories. If you are registered and logged in, you can leave a rate. To prevent spam, I can delete ratings by user id or by IP address. The iFrame below shows the rate screen for the link rating page for this blog. If you are logged into you will see the rate button. If not you will see a summary of ratings. I put in one test rating.

I admit, the primary reason for the rating page is that it gives each web site an extra link.

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