Wednesday, June 13, 2012

An Invitation to the Great Northwest

I've been staring at maps of the Northwest.

Would anyone in Washington State, Idaho, Western Montana, Oregon, Northern Nevada or Utah be interested in engaging in a recreational activity that will cost you about $20 and has the potential of making you some money.

The activity involves social networking and recreation. You will have to sell a product, but that's the way the market works.

I am interested in people who own or who want to own a small business (franchise). This activity can work with any existing business. It would be great for people who want to have a booth at the farmer's market, or for other small businesses looking for clever ways to expand their market.

So, anyway, the idea is that you will own a business that organizes games and sells the product I provide for the game. You will need to get a sales tax ID and pay taxes on sales.

If this idea sounds interesting, please contact me. Here is my contact form.

So, why am I looking at the Northwest?

Well, My niece is getting married in Washington State on August 3rd.

I live in Utah. (no, I am not LDS). Anway, I was thinking of driving up either I25 or US93 to Missoula then take I90 into Washington.

I happen to have a long lost relative in Oregon to visit. On the way back I would drop into central Oregon. I could drop as far south as Nevada on the way back.

BTW, I also have a wonderful presentation on free market health care reform called "The Medical Savings and Loan."
If you knew of a group interested in free market health care reform in Idaho, Western Montana, Washington, Oregon or Utah, I have a great presentation that argues that insurance (group funding of individual consumption) is the problem and that we need to restore a system of self-funded care.
The MS&L and this game are related but different activities.
If you contact me, we will need to arrange an activity that meshes up with my niece's wedding on August 3rd in Northwest Washington State ... either before or after the big event.

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