Saturday, March 26, 2011

Link Friendly Directory

Opening the Arizona sites is taking longer than I anticipated.

A primary reason for moving my web sites last month is that the new service will allow me greater freedom with subdomains and mod_rewrites. Using mod-rewrites allows me to create a link friendly directory structure.

In the original design, the link to the Salt Lake Art category had a category_id in it. AKA

The new structure uses a mod rewrite. The shopping directory on Arizona Color will have the URL:

For the Phoenix directory, I am using both both a subdomain and mod rewrite. The link for shopping in Phoenix is Search engines prefer strings to numbers. So, although the URL is super long, it re-inforces the key words "Phoenix", "Arizona" and "shopping."

Changing the link structure should make the directory more valuable to people who list in the directory.

The problem is that I don't want to change the existing directories to the new structure until it has proved through; So, I have to go about the conversion to the new structure in a systematic fashion.

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Homeland Public Storage said...

I agree with your method. If this kind of link setup does not work then that's the time to make a change on the existing directories. But if this worked then there won't be work for you to do then.