Sunday, March 13, 2011

Arizona Directories

I am expanding the Community Color family of directories to Arizona. Arizona has only 15 counties. So, I decided to break the directories out by county. I was organining the Utah and Colorado directories by city name. Colorado has 64 counties and Utah 29.

Since Phoenix is the capital of Arizona, I called the directory Phoenix Color. The other directories are by county name.

I like the county structure as it allows me to include all links from the state.

In this project, I am using long names for the directories. For example, the directory for Apache County is This should maximize the SEO benefits of the project.

If you are from Arizona, please feel free to add links. I ask for profit efforts with a marketing budget to pay a $10 listing fee. You can register using the secure form on You can also the secure login form to login into any of the directories.

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