Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fixed Location View

I fixed the location view. The add event program lets you select from a list of common public locations in a town. The location view lets you view events for that location.

I thought about letting the community at large add new locations. The problem with that idea is that I would risk getting duplicate locations (we often have different names for the same things). I also have problems with spammers. A spammer might add a thousand locations in whatever spiteful logic drives spammers.

If you there is a location that you think should be in the program, you can drop a reply on this post. The Location Summary page on community color shows the number of defined locations by community.

The location field is part of the calendar program. I create new locations as part of the addEvents program.

The next step in this upgrade process is to fix the addEvents program. I will add a field that lets the event adder suggest a location.

Comments on the program are always appreciate. For that matter, one of the reasons that this upgrade process has taken so long is that I don't get sufficient feedback.

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