Thursday, June 07, 2007

Adding Links

Sorry about taking so long on getting Community Color fully functional on the new server. I had decided to update the program from a procedural to object model. The new model is substantially slower than the original design; So, I've been trying to figure out how to recover.

Gradually, programs are coming back on line.

The Add Link program is functioning. The program begins by checking to see if the domain you want to add is already in the directory. I've had serious spam problems; so all changes go into a queue. I approve the things that go into the queue. I check the queue every other day, and approve links that go to quality, relevant sites. Dealing with spam is a big hassle.

The program used to let you modify the links that you owned. Unfortunately, what started to happen is that someone would add a legitimate link, then repoint the link to a porn or gambling site after approval. The editing feature will only let you change the name and description of the link. You can still delete the links you own. If you want to change the URL, you have to delete the link and readd it.

I really wanted the program to use group editing techniques (where the public could change and delete links). A group edited site needs to have a sizeable population that is dedicated to making a quality site.

There is not enough interest in this project to make group editing work.

Comments on the site are always appreciated.

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