Thursday, September 01, 2016

Online Advertising

I've been working on upgrading the Community Color sites. The process is taking longer than I had hoped.

The new design will offer targeted local advertising.

The way this works is I assign each page a target. The Design an Ad page allows advertisers to select a target and create an ad related to the target. The program will allow both text and image ads. I create the text ads with SVG.

The cost for the ads will be $25 for 100,000 ad views. That is an ad rate of 25¢ per thousand ads. This is an extremely low rate.

The catch is that it might take several years for me to display 100,000 ads on some of the smaller targets.

The new design is not yet live, but my test server is up.

The process will work as follows. Advertisers can design ads on my test server. If I approve the ad; I will send a Paypal invoice to the advertiser after the new site goes live. Advertisers can then accept the placement by paying the invoice or reject it by not paying the invoice.

You can order an ad. See what it looks like on the site and then cancel the ad just by ignoring the Paypal invoice.

It would be fun to have a few ad orders before going live. That way I could test the program with live data.

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