Thursday, July 21, 2016

First Page

I am still extremely unhappy with the PHP Object Model. But I simply have to move my sites to a new server or perish.

Anyway, I just created the first official page for the new design. I decided to start with something simple; So, I created the About page . Each site in the project has an about page with a blob of text about the project. I store the blob in a SQL table.

As promises I am open sourcing the code. The code for this page is four lines long. The page simply calls the framework and says: I want to print a page with this data.

Here is the code for the About Page.

Okay, I could have reduced the size of the page to three lines of code.

PS: I am still working on the CSS and overall page layout. I will finish the work on the layout after I put up several pages with more complex content.

PPS: Okay, Okay. I removed the fourth line of code. The whole point of this project is that if one has a decent framework, then thee pages themselves will be short and fast.

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