Monday, June 16, 2014

Startup Weekend

I just plunked down $50 to attend the August 28th Start Up Weekend in Salt Lake City. I am going to pitch an idea and I am hoping beyond reasonable hope that there will be a few people at the event wanting to jump in on the ground level of a really fun low cost opportunity with a tremendous upside.

My big fear is that the event will be overloaded with idea pitchers and few working bees. Even worse, I fear that winning pitches are decided before the event, in which case I will be left brooding at an empty table.

But who knows. There might be people there wanting to coach start ups or others attending the event to network in which case I might succeed in starting up a business.

I will have only a minute for my pitch, but my pitch is strong and offers a world class opportunity for all takers. (HINT: It involves playing games, taking photos and traveling. Imagine making money to help pay for travel!)
If you are wanting to get in on the ground level of a multi-billion dollar new industry; You should sign up for the Salt Lake Startup Weekend on August 28th. If you are going there to pitch an idea; don't bother, as everyone will be flocking to my idea and you will be left brooding at an empty table.

PS: If you don't want to spend the money on the weekend but still want to get in on the opportunity, could just contact me and I will deal you in. If I find support at Startup Weekend, I will be hosting free events after the Startup Weekend.

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