Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Relief, Responsibility and Funky Food

Hurricane Sandy reminds us of the need to have emergency food on hand. Utah prides itself on being a leader in the Food Storage Industry. Apparently, Utah preparedness shops are having a mini boom as people follow the hurricane and clean up.

I like the buckets of freeze dried food as they stay dry in adverse conditions and are easy to move about.

The one problem with dedicated food storage is that even freeze dried food ages. The bucket might have a 25 year shelf life, but you want to have it rotated out of your food storage shed well before reaching that expiration.

So, I thought I would end my blatant sales pitch for preparedness supplies with the actual worthwhile suggestion that anyone with old buckets of unexpired food storage to donate the food to your local church, foodbank or relief agency.

Times are tough and that funky food you've been storing could be put to good use by families in need in your community or by people made homeless by the storm.

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