Monday, July 02, 2012

Index of Indices

Dang. Revenue for Q2 was even worse than Q1. This was due largely to several advertisers going bankrupt. I am now in a desperate search for new advertisers.

I want to increase the exposure to the events in the calendar. I added a column to the master index that shows community events. The page Recreation Index is an index to the directory page titled "Recreation." It shows both the links and events on that page.

If I make a big effort to be consistent in categorizing the events, this feature will become useful for it will show the total number of links and events by state.

Unfortunately, I have some systematic inconsistencies. Specifically, when a directory becomes large, I start splitting it into subdirectories. If there's only one running club in town, I list the club in Recreation. If there are several, I create a subdirectory called Running. The result is that I list the Grand Juinction Rim Marathon in the "recreation" category and the Salt Lake Marathon in the "running" category. This means the master index fails to provide a comprehensive list of running events in a state.

As I play with the new program, I figure out a way to overcome that problem.

To get my revenue numbers back in the black, I probably need to show more shopping events and auctions..

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