Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer Job Opportunity

They say the summer job market is weak.

If someone in Utah, Colorado, Idaho or is passing through Utah this summer is looking for an opportunity, I just happen to have an opportunity that would be ideal for an enterprising young college student.

The opportunity is open for both men and women.

The opportunity involves social networking and recreation. Essentially, you would be the owner/coach of a sports team.

I emphasize "opportunity." By opportunity, I mean that you will be starting your own business. It is a business that a person could carry on through school.

You will actually be inventing this opportunity. So, I don't know how much you will make ... if anything.

The opportunity involves being outdoor and playing a game.

The opportunity involves minimal investments. For example, you will be outdoors and will need sunscreen. a water bottle, etc.. You will need to get a Tax ID and will need to buy stuff for your business.

If anyone wants to take a risk and start a business for their summer job, please contact me. Leave your name, age and phone number.

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