Saturday, November 05, 2011

Site Reviews by Month

I added state level web sites to Community Color to help group the town sites, and things are working out well.

I wanted each site to have an RSS feed. RSS feeds are for periodical posts like newspaper articles and blog posts. So, I created a "Site of the Day" review program that would highlight one site a day. A site a day is too much work.

You can add the RSS feed for your town's directory and you will occasionally see a link to a local web (or local store). I just made calendars that show the reviews for an entire state. Here are the three pages:
I am essentially creating a system of nested and interconnected calendars. The site reviews connect with the primary event calendars for each town.

My hope is to fund the project with the Store of the Day which presents an affiliate site each day.

The reviews are pretty much random. Basically, if I feel like writing a review when I first find the site, I write a review.

I like to review sites that have YouTube or Vimeo videos because then I can embed the content in the reviews to make them more interesting. If I had time, I would end up making all sites a site of the day. But time is limited.

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