Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Forum Function Disabled

In the upcoming days, I will remove the forum function from the Community Color family of sites. The basic idea was to put a forum up and see if people would use it. That did not happen. I am thinking of replacing the forum with either a local news feed or perhaps a blog/podcast indexer.

Feel free to drop comments on what you would like to see in a community directory


Unknown said...
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y-intercept said...


First, I deleted your post because it had an email address. Spam crawlers will get it. They've gotten all of my email addresses.

I put your link on the Cedar City Recreation page. You've actually hit on one of the biggest challenges I have with this project. the goal is to promote local web development. The question is how to figure out what is and is not local.

Since we are a highly mobile society, people are often linked to more than one location. Businesses (especially merchants) are more than happy to take money from anyone, anywhere.

Generally what I do is look for contact information on a site, Alexa and DNS records.

You are right that I don't have contact information. All of my contact methods have been spammed into submission. Since I haven't been able to figure out how to charge for anything, every contact becomes this onerous expense that I don't have the resources to cover. I do have a new contact form in the works that I might put up after moving servers.