Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ten Million Hits

Every counter gets big with time. Today's big news is that the hit counter on the Community Directories is likely to cross the ten million page view mark some time today. (NOTE, I've lost some of the hit counter data through the years).

Revenuewise, to provide a single minimum wage job, the directory would need about ten million hits per year, not per decade.

To celebrate 10,000,000 page views, I decided to take a peek at the data the site collected: The Link Report says the directory has 23,328 active links, I've deleted 8,866 links. Ten million divided by (23,328+8866) is 310.6 page views per link.

In the first quarter of 2012, I've added 1042 links and deleted 512 dead links. My guess is there's another thousand broken links in the directory.

I track hits on a small subset of the links. The average for the link hit counters is 93.4. The hits per link is, of course, a matter of time. Those added in 2002 average 700 hits. Those added in 2011 have had only a dozen or so hits.

The most important visitor to my site is the Googlebot and other webcrawlers.

There are other pages on the site. The Site of the Day reviews have received several million page views. The calendars and mobile versions of the site have received a steady stream of hits.

So, while few people visit the site, the program does a public good having the googlebot index local community oriented sites. It would be nice if people linked to their community directory. The directories give exposure to small local businesses and organizations that tend to be overshadowed in our world of big business and big government.

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