Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Tale of Two Crowds

I added new photos. On Friday, I went to the sparsely attended Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally at the Courthouse, then to a massive crowd at the new City Creek Center in downtown Salt Lake.

First the pictures of the rally: The first picture shows the crowd which is about three people deep. My guess is that 150 to maybe 200 people were at the rally. This is maybe half the size of Salt Lake's Occupy Rally.
Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally
Speaking at the Event
Crowd at the Rally
There was a huge crowd for the second day of the new City Creek Center. The new center has two decks running for two city blocks with both floors and shops filled with spectators.

Main Mall Fanzz ZCMI Facade A Creek Runs Through It
I admit. I've been feeling sad. I used to work for a state owned insurance group. I quit because I realized that group funded health care (both socialism and private insurance) dramatically under serve the people. For the last three years I've been trying to get people to talk about alternatives funding mechanisms for health care. For some odd reason, people are unwilling to talk about the definitive issue of or day. It's maddening.

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