Saturday, May 21, 2016

Starting the Web Site Move

Users of the Community Color sites may have noticed that the sites are overloaded. I added some come that drops the page when the serverload is over 85%. Without that code, the sites would be crashing every hour or so.

The sites are dropping several thousand of pages each day.

This should not be happening. I bought enough resources that I should be able to handle ten times the current traffic.

The solution is to redesign the site and move to a new server. Back in December, I experimented with PHP7 on Ubuntu 14.04. Several of the features of PHP7 did not work correctly; So, I decided to wait until PHP7 was available on a Linux distribution with long term support.

That finally happened about ten days ago.

The day after I bought the new account, my father passed away. Since that event, I've been unable to get a block of time sufficient to test the server and start the migration.

This morning, I decided there was insufficient time to fully test the new server; So, I started the migration. I turned off the ability to register as a user and started the migration.

Five minutes after taking that action, a family member came to the house with ambitious plans that will consume the next three days. I probably won't get an opportunity to work on the migration until next Wednesday or Thursday.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

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