Tuesday, March 19, 2013

ProtoPhoto Maps

I added a mapping feature to Protophoto.com. The feature uses static maps generated by Open Street Map. If I understand the license correctly, the data in Open Street Maps is controlled by the Open Database License. PNG images generated from the data are considered public domain ... which you can use with attribution.

I only have a few sample maps up. My basic idea is that, if I visit an area, I will record the GPS image of the objects in the photos. I will then create a PNG map of the area and plot the points on the map.

The other big change I made to the site is that I moved the navigation bar from below the picture to a "hidden division" in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

So, if you go to the picture Virtual Office and clicked on the "navigate" link, you will see a box that lets you go the the next photo in the collection. Just below that is a link that brings you to a map of Downtown Holladay. The picture is at point #24. You will notice that when you click on the map, point #24 has a bigger marker than the other points on the map.

I've only created a small number of maps and have added GPS coordinates to a small set of points within the maps. Hopefully the maps will become compelling with time. Right now there are only five maps with sixty points displayed on the maps.

The map titled Salt Lake Valley is a map of the maps I've created in Salt Lake.

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