Sunday, July 15, 2012

Casual Exercise

Americans don't get enough exercise. When we do exercise, we have completely over the top expectations of our actions.

All of the popular team sports were designed to over-emphasize competition. The field of individual sports is dominated by absurdly long endurance sports like Iron Man Triathlons, multiday relays, etc..

The non-profit community hosts wonderful fundraising events that draw thousands of people once a year for a fun run in the park. But a 5K walk once a year is not enough.

There is an massive market in the United States at the moment for a new casual sport that takes place on a regular basis that helps keep people fit.

Imagine yourself starting a business where you met with fun people once a week, to engage in a physical activity. The cost of the sport was modest, and there was a money making component built into the sport so people needing a little extra cash could make a little extra cash?

Owning a reaction business opens up the opportunity to travel. If you owned a for profit "sports team" you can deduct travel expenses when you go to play games at the destination of your choice.

Anyway, if a group of people got together and did ___________ they just might be able to crack the lucrative recreation sports market.

I emphasize the cost of starting a ____________ sports team is negligible. The first people who are brave and respond might make some big bucks for taking a change.

If you contact me (giving me your location, name an phone number) I will give you info about the sport.

NOTE: I live in Utah. I will be traveling to Spokane in early August.

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