Saturday, April 21, 2012

Anyone Up for a Game?

Do you like being active?

Do you like social networking?

Do you like the free market?

Would you like to make money playing games on the weekend? (or on the weekdays).

Do you like coaching or want to be a coach? (a life coach)?

Are you in the following states or planning a vacation to the following states this summer: Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, SoCal or Nevada?

To recap, if you would like to participate in a social networking sport and will be within a few hundred miles of Salt Lake this summer; please contact me, and I will get you set up. The game is pro-free market.

MODEL ONE: If you are planning a trip to Moab or Park City, and would like to play a fun game for a few hours, then go home owning a sports franchise that has unlimited potential, then you would be a great candidate.

MODEL TWO: If you own a business and would like to add a side product with unlimited potential. The product would give you a lot of free advertising and would draw people to your business at neglible cost ... and you happen to be planning a visit to Grand Junction, then contact me.

MODEL THREE: A person would like to make money at an activity booth at a Farmers' Market, Fair or community festival.

MODEL FOUR: A college student who would like to make some money playing games on the weekend, during Spring Break or during the summer.

The opportunity involves social networking and recreation (a physical outdoor activity with other people). Running is a physical activity with little interaction. This is a physical activity with substantial interaction.

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