Monday, February 06, 2012

Political Links

The goal of Community Color is to promote local web development. The political sector is currently the most robust area of development. I am concentrating on developing directories for Utah, Colorado and Arizona.

The problem is that the campaign cycle is so short that I often miss important political campaign web sites.

This might include the most important web site or all. Your Web Site! or your favorite candidate's web site.

This is not because I dislike you or your candidate. It is because I don't know the name of their site.

If you know of a web site for a political campaign in Utah, Colorado or Arizona, please use the contact form to tell me about the campaign. You can also tell me about campaign web site in a response to this message.

I will list any local campaign site I find free of charge, provided the site is about a campaign in a community served (Arizona, Colorado, Utah)

Feel free to tell me about your blog as well. The best way to add a blog is to register and use the addLink program. I am happy to list content sites such as blogs free of charge.


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