Thursday, October 27, 2011

Utah Color

I am officially opening the site

I have a collection of community web sites in Utah. While adding links, I kept coming across the problem that some web sites are state wide. For example, everyone who drives must visit the Utah DMV at some point.

People are also interested in statewide elections. If one candidate for the Senate was in Saint George and the other from Logan, I would add a link to one candidate in SaintGeorgeUtah.US and the other in LoganUt.US when they really should be side by side.

So, I bought the domain Utah Color to hold state wide resources.

To monetize, I added a Shopping category that lists all of the affiliate programs I've found which are headquartered in Utah. An affiliate program is a program that shares a portion of a sale with a refering web site.

As my focus is still the local community, the front page of Utah Color has links to all of the community sites.

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