Friday, October 11, 2013

Halloween Links

It's official, the community directory Boulder Color just passed the 1000 active link mark. Boulder Color is a human edited directory. I looked at each of the sites to make sure they are either from Boulder or have something to do with Boulder County Colorado.

The Internet has huge problems with broken links. I check each once every other year and pull out broken links. So far, I've deleted 236 broken links from the site. That's 23% of the links have gone broken over the years. My guess is that about 5% of the links in the directory are broken. Sorry about that.

I am currently working on updating the Halloween directories. I have Halloween directories for Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix and Provo. The Halloween directories list over 100 activities and haunted houses and over 50 local costume shops. These directories are the most complete list of Halloween related links for the selected communities.

I was going to make a Halloween Directory for each town, but I realized that many attractions like haunted houses and corn mazes attract people from a larger region than just a town. So, Boulder Halloween links are in the Denver Directory and Ogden links in the Salt Lake Directory.

Speaking of Boulder, apparently the naked pumpkin run has been cancelled. If you want to run around naked with a pumpkin on your head, it's no skin off my teeth. Just don't come crying to me when you spend the night in the Boulder County jail.

Have a Happy Halloween!

BTW, if you have a link to an event or Halloween attraction not listed in the directories, you can drop me a line on my Contact Form.


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